The WiCC was founded in 2012 to provide a platform for women to discover the pleasure of cigars, meet people who like cigars and in so doing, learn about the world of cigars.
I developed a passion for cigars in a similar way to how I learnt about food, wine and music over my life – by osmosis, through a determined curiosity, and by the generosity, inspiration and support of people I have met along the way. The WiCC is an arena where as many women who will join us can share these and others experiences.
The club isn’t only about cigars – we are building a range of offerings which include interesting travel, great food and drink, music and other cultural interest, and an exclusive shopping range. Cigars are always a feature at our events! but we aim to be inclusive for non-cigar smoking friends and relations. Non-members can often join in our events.
Our WELCOME membership is also available to men.

Habanos Festival 2017 – 27th February to 3rd March

INVITES TO THE BEST PARTIES including the WiCC ANNUAL GARDEN PARTY – lunchtime on the 3rd March PERSONAL CIGAR SHOPPING   BEST CUBAN MUSIC AND FOOD EXCLSUIVE WiCC ITINERARY OF DAY EXCURSIONS Extend your stay with a 7 day Taste Adventure holiday in CUBA at VERY... read more

Habanos Festival 2016 – WiCC party 4th March

What better way to blow off the damp January blues than with plans for going to the Habanos Cigar Festival in Havana, this year from 29th February to 5th March. We will hold our annual lunch party on Friday 4th March in the lovely garden at Espacios, on Calle 10 in... read more